Binbrook Fall Fair

This past Saturday, Sarah and I staffed our booth at the Binbrook Fall Fair. Hamilton Wentworth Federation of Agriculture generously sponsored Hamilton Eat Local so that we could hand out more of our local food maps. They also put together a display for us which looked fabulous, especialy the pictures of all our farms!
When we arrived in the morning there was very little foot traffic, especially around the area we were in so we took in the fair sights. Right next to our display was the produce competition where participants entered their biggest vegetable. Pretty impressive I must say!

One of our favourite sights was the goat show. Most of them were very friendly and more than willing to pose for a shot or two which led us to visit them more than once (the second time we brought treats!)

We also took in the miniature horse show which was pretty cute. Not pictured here is the "Costume Division" - I had never seen a horse dressed as a bee before. After that it was the Pet Show where a guinea pig in a yellow dress took home first prize.
Passing on the amusement rides because we both felt nauseous after lunch, we spoke with the political candidates and informed them of our project. The response was fairly enthusiastic.
All in all, a fun day spent at the Binbrook Fair. We handed out more maps, got our message across and even won free hats after acing a Canadian history quiz!

Locke Street Festival

Locke Street was buzzing with activity during September 8th's festival. Environment Hamilton was there promoting our Eat Local project as well as the Climate Challenge - check out their blog! (
The festival gave me a chance to check out this part of the city. The weather was perfect and the response from people was fantastic. We handed out 25 energy efficiency kits within the first two hours. Our "If you Ate Today, Thank a Farmer" heading on the display garnered quite a few reactions. I had a couple people thank me personally as well as one man tip his hat and say, "You're welcome dear." The local food issue seems to be really resonating with people.