Improving Access to Healthy Food in Hamilton with "The Easy Box"

The Hamilton Good Food Box Network was established in 2011 to make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible for all Hamiltonians.  Since then, with the help of volunteer packers, drivers, site coordinators and others the program now packs and distributes Good Food Boxes to over 350 families and individuals each month.  The program allows people to buy a share of fresh, seasonal produce for only $15 which has a retail value of $25-35!  To learn more about this exciting Hamilton Eat Local initiative click here.

Cardiologist Dr. Greg CurewNot everyone can afford to participate, however, and it's clear that among all Ontario Works recipients, single people are worst off because they end up having to live with a substantial income shortfall of $144 every single month -- that income deficit makes it next to impossible for OW Singles to afford a healthy balanced diet.  Click here to view the video Unequal Access to Healthy Food by Project Video.

A group of concerned citizens formed the Nutritious Food Plan Committee (NFPC) in order to find and promote ways to address this serious problem.  A special Good Food Box program was proposed