Parkview Health Fair

In November the Operation Smoothie Interns took to the streets to gather information for Operation Smoothie and our first event  was the Parkview Secondary School Health Fair.

Along with several other health and nutrition groups, we set up a table in the school gym to help educate students on the importance of healthy, nutritious and local food. Meanwhile, we had students complete surveys to gauge their interest in a project like Operation Smoothie.

The response was overwhelming. Kids love smoothies, and most would even be willing to try a smoothie with vegetables in it. And for kids who really love their veggies, we brought along a giant carrot suit...

That's right! A giant carrot suit! Everyone loved it (including intern Rebbecca), and we gave away some pretty cool prizes for everyone who was brave enough to try it on and consent to having their picture posted online for all the world to see.

If you put on the carrot suit, but can't find your picture here, you can see the rest of them at

Operation Smoothie!

Welcome, new recruits, to OPERATION SMOOTHIE.

Operation Smoothie is a stand alone program run by Hamilton Eat Local. We are working with Hamilton Partners in Nutrition to help provide healthy and nutritious breakfast smoothies to Breakfast Clubs of Canada affiliated elementary schools. Our goal is to introduce the kids of Hamilton to locally grown and produced food through our delicious smoothies.

Join Operation Smoothie today!!!

In the coming weeks we will be posting more info about Operation Smoothie,smoothie recipes, videos and updates on the project for our breafast club kids to read.

Stay tuned for more Operation Smoothie updates!

FRESH Screening This Friday!!!

Friday December 10 - Sky Dragon Centre @ 27 King William.

This Friday December 10th, Hamilton Eat Local will be screening  the documentary Fresh  at Sky Dragon Cafe @27 King William.

Doors will open at 6:30 pm and the screening will begin at 7pm. Following the film there will be discussion led by local organic farmer Chris Krucker of ManoRun Farms.  Krucker is an active voice in the local, organic and community supported agriculture (CSA) movements.

Read more about his big ideas in the Hamilton Spec:

The evening wraps up at around 9pm, so theres plenty of time for you to enjoy Artcrawl. Light refreshments will be provided. There is a 5$ (or PWYC) admission fee which will go towards funding Eat Local's new initiative, Operation Smoothie.

About FRESH:

With the current onslaught of documentaries and books describing the food industry evils, Ana Sofia Joanes “Fresh” has a different outlook. Driven towards practical solutions, the movie “Fresh” looks at industrial farming’s effect on our soil, health and livestock. While the film is more folksy in tone than the recent “Food, Inc.” (NY Times), it still provides lots of hard evidence about the current food industry. Featuring food activists like Joel Salatin, Will Allen and Michael Pollan this 70-minute film should fill the audience with the inspiration and knowledge to promote change within the current food model.

For more information about FRESH, check out the website @

Hope to see you all there!