Tapestry Bistro Brings Artistry to Tapas (say that three times, fast!)

An Urban Locavore's Dream Comes True: It's not officially open until November 28, but my first dinner at Hamilton's new Tapestry Bistro won't be my last before the end of this month! Located in the heart of The Staircase Theatre complex, Chef Sam Robertson and owner Roger Abbiss' labour of love is a welcome addition to our city's burgeoning local-food-lovin' restaurant scene. Call ahead to reserve your table if you can: 905.481.2166. Tapestry Bistro serves local, seasonal and organic food at 27 Dundurn Street North.

More to come once I've made my first 'official' visit.

Let's Sit Down Together for "TABLELAND"

"TABLELAND": a provocative new film about our rich culinary landscape.

Presented by Hamilton Eat Local and Canadian Organic Growers (film screening)
Friday November 28, Doors open at 7pm
Tableland by Pixel One Productions is a new and thought-provoking film. It is a culinary expedition in search of the people, places and tastes of North American small-scale, sustainable food production. From the Orchards of the interior of BC, to the Napa Highlands, rural Quebec and everywhere in between, Tableland showcases the successful production of local and seasonal food from field to plate. Guest speakers for the event will include farmer Inge Crowther of Clover Roads Organic Farm, writer and urban poultry enthusiast Yuki Hayashi, and Karen Burson of Hamilton Eat Local and founder of The Bread & Roses Cafe.

The film will be shown at The Sky Dragon Centre at 27 King William Street in downtown Hamilton. Doors open for organic popcorn at 7 - film begins at 7:30pm – the speakers start at 9pm - Q & A and snacks starting at 9:30. Please make a $7 donation at the door (2nd floor).

Pear and Cranberry Spice Rolls -- Bring Home the Bakin'

Sure you could spend your hard-earned money buying those dry, tasteless supermarket cinnamon rolls. Problem: who knows where or when they were actually baked? ...But making these yourself is surprisingly easy and cost effective -- never mind the 100% improvement in taste! These ones were surprisingly quick and easy to make.
Don't tell anyone, but you can improve your favourite cinnamon roll recipe by taking advantage of the taste and texture of seasonal fruit. In this case, I roasted some firm pears (to soften them while intenisfying their flavour) but you can used canned or frozen fruit just as easily. Replacing at least half of the butter with a soft pear puree significantly reduces the fat count and the ingredient cost ... no one will know!