Pear and Cranberry Spice Rolls -- Bring Home the Bakin'

Sure you could spend your hard-earned money buying those dry, tasteless supermarket cinnamon rolls. Problem: who knows where or when they were actually baked? ...But making these yourself is surprisingly easy and cost effective -- never mind the 100% improvement in taste! These ones were surprisingly quick and easy to make.
Don't tell anyone, but you can improve your favourite cinnamon roll recipe by taking advantage of the taste and texture of seasonal fruit. In this case, I roasted some firm pears (to soften them while intenisfying their flavour) but you can used canned or frozen fruit just as easily. Replacing at least half of the butter with a soft pear puree significantly reduces the fat count and the ingredient cost ... no one will know!

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sharon w said...

Hiya Karen:

sounds great. are you willing to share the recipe? where might I find it?

sharon w