Tapestry Bistro Brings Artistry to Tapas (say that three times, fast!)

An Urban Locavore's Dream Comes True: It's not officially open until November 28, but my first dinner at Hamilton's new Tapestry Bistro won't be my last before the end of this month! Located in the heart of The Staircase Theatre complex, Chef Sam Robertson and owner Roger Abbiss' labour of love is a welcome addition to our city's burgeoning local-food-lovin' restaurant scene. Call ahead to reserve your table if you can: 905.481.2166. Tapestry Bistro serves local, seasonal and organic food at 27 Dundurn Street North.

More to come once I've made my first 'official' visit.


Anonymous said...

Hands down the best place I have ever eaten

The very vegetarian and vegan friendly menu

Service was very friendly and the whole restaurant had a very welcoming feel.

The chef even stopped by to see how we were enjoying the food.

I will definately be back with friends again and again

J Lee said...

We totally agree! We cannot get enough of Tapestry as well!