Rural Routes to Plan B Organic Farm

The skies cleared in time for our Rural Routes today.  Thanks to the Hamilton Community Foundation we partnered with Neighbour to Neighbour Centre  and brought a bus to Plan B Organic Farm.

Thanks to Farmer Melanie for a fantastic tour!

A field of greens, including Arugula - while they will not grow in frost, they will not be damaged by the cold. 

The skies cleared and it turned out to be a sunny day!
A huge thanks to Plan B for hosting us, Neighbour to Neighbour for partnering with us and the Hamilton Community Foundation for their support.

We'll be hosting an October Rural Routes to Plan B Organic Farm, that is open to the public. Sat. October 20th. 10:30am.
Tickets are $5 for seniors / $7 for adults.
Tickets available at Homegrown Hamilton - 27 King William and is the pick-up location to get on the bus.
Rain or shine.

Cooking From Scratch - using the Good food Box!

Two of Environment Hamilton's initiatives, Good Food Box and Greening Sacred Spaces are presenting....

Cooking from Scratch (with Good Food Box contents): Local Chefs to lead the sessions.

The Good Food Box is a non-profit fresh fruit and vegetable distribution program. It makes healthy fresh food affordable and accessible to everyone. For only $15 you receive a box of fresh quality produce worth $25 or more. GFB buys food at wholesale prices, wit
 h a preference for Ontario farmers. Read here for more about the Good Food Box.

The sessions are led by a ‘chef’ (a different one for each session) who will plan a menu and she will have two assistants.
Start: 5:30 pm, cooking together until 6:30 and end with a communal meal.

Where: Friends Meeting House, 7 Butty Place, Hamilton.
Wednesday, September 19th
Wednesday, October 17th
Wednesday, November 21st
Register for a session by September,12th to avoid disappointment.
Maximum number of participants 8
Bring your appetites and your willingness to learn.
Contact Beatrice             905 549 0900       or email

What do you know about Alpacas? We now know more thanks to John the farmer from Alpacas from 8th and Mud

We braved the rain and doom and gloom of the predicted forecast and heading to Alpacas on 8th and Mud Street. as part of our September Rural Routes.

We had a blast. Farmer John lead us around his beautiful farm, sharing his knowledge, telling stories and entertaining us with interesting facts about his life raising Alpacas.
At this farm, they raise Alpacas for the fibre and process the fibre, from washing, drying, turning it into yarn - they do it all plus process for other similar farmers in the area.

At the farm, they have Muscovy ducks, the ducks eat the slugs that carry parasites. If the Alpacas ingest the parasites, it can make its way to the Alpaca's brain and kill them. So the ducks are there to protect the Alpacas from tiny but deadly foes.

Another threat are coyotes. This is one of their guard dogs that protect the Alpacas from the coyotes that will kill for fun and not food.

Photo credit: Silva and Marilyn F.

HUGE thanks to John for spending his birthday with us and touring us around his lovely farm.
Thanks to:
- Silva and Penny, from the farm for all their help and knowledge.
- Smart Commute Hamilton for their support.
- First Student Canada - for their patience!
And of course, to our Rural Routes participants who were brave enough to attend despite the nasty forecast!