Parkview Health Fair

In November the Operation Smoothie Interns took to the streets to gather information for Operation Smoothie and our first event  was the Parkview Secondary School Health Fair.

Along with several other health and nutrition groups, we set up a table in the school gym to help educate students on the importance of healthy, nutritious and local food. Meanwhile, we had students complete surveys to gauge their interest in a project like Operation Smoothie.

The response was overwhelming. Kids love smoothies, and most would even be willing to try a smoothie with vegetables in it. And for kids who really love their veggies, we brought along a giant carrot suit...

That's right! A giant carrot suit! Everyone loved it (including intern Rebbecca), and we gave away some pretty cool prizes for everyone who was brave enough to try it on and consent to having their picture posted online for all the world to see.

If you put on the carrot suit, but can't find your picture here, you can see the rest of them at

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Jacklewis said...

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