The Goodness that Grows in the Greenbelt

The Greenbelt has over 7000 farms that produce a wealth of fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, dairy and specialities that range from mushrooms, to wines, herbs, ciders, and garlic. Here you will find internationally acclaimed cheeses and wines from the Niagara Region while York and Hamilton Regions are growing Asian cabbages, melons, and an assortment of other new ethno-cultural varieties. Numerous farms also offer organic or ecologically-grown options. More and more farmers than ever before on the Greenbelt are employing environmentally-sound practices that restore biodiversity on their lands, benefitting us all. The many Buy Local programs found in various regions on the Greenbelt support locally grown food, the local farmers and a sustainable future. To see how you can Buy Local and support these systems, check out this link to find farmers’ markets, on-farm sales, tours, wineries, fairs and festivals and more!

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