Farmers' Markets Go Futuristic

Could this be an answer to the local food distribution dilemma?

Inspired by permaculture concepts, a new system for online farmers market for families, retailers and bulk buyers is now a reality. As the company's website declares: gives the internet's advantages to
Farmers' Markets. Whether you manage or sell at a traditional farmers'
market with many other vendors or use a small email list to market produce
off your farm, is for you!

The cost?
It's completely free to start your market, and from there I'll be asking for 3%
of your completed sales to cover my hosting costs and development time. I've
give you a paypal link or a mailing address to send payment, and you can pay on
your own schedule. You'll find it to be much cheaper than trying to host your
own online ordering system!

You can see what we’ve done with our market
at -- feel free to look around,
"tour" our member farms (They’re used to me doing everything for them, but I’m
walking them through uploading photos, etc.), and browse our product
listings. Some other markets have already begun putting their markets
together using what I have in place so far. Cumberland Farmers' Market in
Tennessee is the farthest along -- you can find their site at

Feel free to create a site
for your market to get the ball rolling and see for yourself how it works.

Visit the site at and see the video that sums it all up.

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