Rural Routes Visits Waterhall Farm!

Environment Hamilton hosted another great Rural Routes trip last Saturday when we visited Waterhall Farm.  However, Waterhall is not a typical 21st century farm.  And I'm not just saying that because they sell antiques from centuries past.  Although, their Antiques store is a must see as the old relics are situated alongside a tranquil indoor pool.
Waterhall stands out among the cash crops and factory farms of the 21st century raising instead an incredibly diverse selection of flora and fauna.  John Flechl, who gave us an enlightening tour of his farm, wants to offer customers unique products and experiences and in the process we all benefit as crop rotation and crop diversity help eliminate the need for pesticides, prevent the soil from being depleted and drained of nutrients and protect the farm from vulnerability to unexpected weather or pests.  On top of all that Waterhall is helping preserve the biodiversity of our plants and is providing people with a richer variety of nutrients.

While Waterhall farm is not yet certified organic they are operating in accordance with organic values.  Flechl says he prefers to stay away from herbicides because he's not sure what effect these chemicals  have on our health.  Instead, the Flechl family use people power and smart design to eliminate weeds and do the work required to have a flourishing farm.  On that note, Waterhall loves company so if you would like to come by and help out on the farm you are more than welcome.
Waterhall also has a petting zoo and a growing variety of unique animals including rare breeds of miniature horses, goats, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys, chicken and even a resident peacock.  The animals are not grown to be eaten but they do help the farm function and provide nutrients for the soil.

Rural Routes would like to give a special thanks to Waterhall Farm and Brock Road General Store for letting us park our bus in their parking lot.  Don't miss our next trip to Alpacas from 8th and Mud.  Tickets are available at Homegrown Hamilton (at 27 King William St) $7 for adults and $5 for seniors and children.

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