Rural Routes heads to Murphy's Country Produce in Binbrook

Thanks to support from Hamilton Community Foundation and in partnership with Neighbour to Neighbour Centre,  Rural Routes went to Murphy's Country Produce in Binbrook to pick strawberries!

Thankfully, the rainy, rainy weather in the days leading up to Sat. July 6th, held off and we are were able to pick strawberries, beans and peas.

Participants were excited to bring the berries home to make into jam or freeze them for smoothies.  It was a treat for a number of the children (and some of the adults :) who have never picked fruit before.

We have to thank farmers, Brian and his daughter Megan who welcomed us to their farm with open arms, answered our numerous questions and took very good care of us!

Special thanks to our funder, Hamilton Community Foundation and to Neighbour to Neighbour Centre for partnering with us!

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