3rd Annual Farmers' Forum AND Food 'n' Farm Day @ Mac

TimeBegins at February 29th 9:30 AM EST
ending on February 29th 5:30 PM EST
LocationMUSC 318 and MUSC 220
OrganizersFebruary is Farm Month, with support from Hamilton Eat Local and OPIRG McMaster

3rd Annual Farmers' Forum - MUSC 220; 11:30AM - 1:00PM

"So you want to be a farmer: How to become a 'farmionairre' in 90 minutes or less" will be a panel and discussion on starting your own small farm business. 

Hear three proven new farmers talk about their experiences starting their farms: More details on the panelists TBA

Food 'n' Farm Day @ Mac: MUSC 318, 9:30AM - 4:30PM (again, will change to 5:30 if possible)

Info and discussion sessions start at 1:00PM and 3:00PM (will change to 3:30 if we can get 318 until later)
Public display throughout the day (before and between info sessions)

Come out to learn about and share your experience on these food 'n' farming themes:
1. Opportunites to get involved in food system issus at McMaster and in the community
2. Community Supported Agriculture and Good Food Box programs (what are they and where are they available)
3. Learning to farm: opportunities close to home and abroad
4. Ways to incorporate food and farming into your studies

Because of space limitations, an RSVP is suggested but not required for both the Farmers' Forum and info & discussion sessions. For more info or to reserve your space, contact Lynnette: nyakio@ymail.com 

Details on other February is Farm Month 2012 events can be found at http://www.environmenthamilton.org/

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Samantha Bauer said...

I keep meaning to comment, but I love your blog. I cant wait to see what else you have planned in this great city! I love to grow my own organic garden in the summer time - or go to pick your own farms. The earthy smells are something I am fond of and bring back childhood memories of doing the same activities with my parents. Growing food and being in touch with the way the earth provides for us is a wonderful way to bond with family.

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