"THE GOOD STUFF" is here -- come and get it!


A message from
The Hamilton Good Food Box Network!

We'll be presenting our next session of "THE GOOD STUFF: Cooking with the Good Food Box" soon!  Join us at The Nutrition Centre at Mission Services (195 Wentworth Street North) on Thursday May 23rd, from 1pm - 3pm as we demonstrate "The Awesomeness of Asparagus" and videotape our demos for broadcast on Cable 14.

There will be fun, cooking tips, special guests and samples of the food we're creating for you!  Please join us as the neighbourhood's residents, folks from across the city who would like to be part of the action and of course as fans of the show "Hamilton Life".

Admission is free but seats are limited.  Let us know when you get there if you would like to be part of our "on-camera" studio audience -- if not, there will be plenty of seats where you can still see all the action.  See you there!

For more information please contact us: goodfoodbox@environmenthamilton.org

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