Putting GOOD FOOD in motion... in pictures


Recently the Good Food Box volunteers and staff were visited by a talented young photographer Jennifer Hoesen, who took a number of great pictures of our Good Food Box pack site on a pack day in November.

The great range of actions shots really impressed me, in the way that they convey the atmosphere of a Good Food Box pack day.

There's a great range of people: different ages, different national origins, all walks of life -- and together they create an energy that makes our project come together in a way that seems like magic some days.

On Wednesday December 18th we'll be doing our last pack for the year 2013.  We're poised to enter our next year finishing up a special pilot project and embarking on our fourth year of operations -- yes, we've been putting good food in motion for three years come February.

We will celebrate with our volunteers and look forward to all the challenges and achievements to come in 2014.

Thank you for your support in 2013: volunteer packers, drivers, Site Coordinators, funders, Good Food Box Buyers and all of those working with us to keep all that good food flowing!

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