Eat Well

Summer is the perfect time of year to boost your intake of vegetables and fruit. Eating the recommended 7 to 10 servings a day will protect you from a long list of diseases including cancer, heart disease and stroke. Here are six simple ways to include more vegetables and fruit every day!
1 - Add fresh berries to your morning bowl of cereal or yogurt.
2 - Dress up your sandwich with raw or cooked vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, green onions, radishes or grilled zucchini.
3 - Serve assorted low-fat dips to add pizzazz to raw vegetables and fruit.
4 - Stir diced fresh fruit or grated vegetables into muffin, quick bread or cookie batter.
5 - Make extra cooked vegetables for dinner so you can enjoy them in lunchtime salads or sandwiches.
6 - Add chopped broccoli, spinach or Swiss chard to your favourite tomato-based pasta sauce. Submitted by Vicki Edwards, Registered Dietitian with Hamilton Public Health Services

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