10th Anniversary Celebration

   Here  at EH everything is just starting to quite down after our 10th Anniversary Celebration. It was a very eventful evening filled with bidding on the silent auction, listening to great music from both Sarah Harmer and Dawn & Marra, and of course eating the wonderful food that was prepared for us. Thanks go out to Chef & Wife for all of their delicious hors d'oeuvres that were distributed through out the night. Another thanks go out to our refreshment suppliers Steamwhistle brewery and Puddicombes. There was a great deal of people that volunteered through out the night that are all greatly appriciated.
   The evening started out very smooth, and before we knew it everything was under way. People mingled as the found their seats, or browsed the silent auction. There was lots to see in the silent auction, and all of the items went very nicely. Through out the evening we saw speeches, watched a video, and ate delicious desserts and cake. Sarah Harmer did an amazing job, and over all the evening was a great success.
   Thank you to everyone who supported and came out to celebrate with us!

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