Fruit Tree Projects

When the time has come to prepare for the winter season, and farmers need a little help rounding up the last of their produce the Hamilton Fruit Tree is at the ready! The Hamilton Fruit Tree is a variety of volunteers that go to farms, or orchards in the Hamilton area that need help to finish up the season. When harvesting at a farm, the pickings go to the Hamilton Food Share, and if not there, always to another food bank. To find out more information, or if you want to get involved please check out the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project Blog. Along the sames lines at the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project is Not Far From The Tree, a group based out of Toronto that also aides in picking whenever there is an abundance of local fruit. The harvest that Not Farm From The Tree picks is splitted up into thirds. One third to the tree owner, one third to to volunteers, and one third is distriuted by bicycle to a foodbank, shelter, or community kitchen. Another fruit tree organization is the Halton Fruit Tree Project a third of the Growing and Sharing Food in Halton project. This project is to increase local harvest availability for the people of Milton.

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