Rural Routes and Neighbour to Neighbour Centre go to Lindley's Farm Market

What a great Thanksgiving Saturday!

Rural Routes participants from Neighbour to Neighbour Centre spent the morning last Saturday at Lindley's Farm Market in Ancaster. Joe, the farmer treated us to their corn maze (this year, featuring Ontario Foodland Symbol - check out their corn maze photos here).

The group picked pumpkins and spent time at the on-site farm market.

Big thank you to Neighbour to Neighbour organizer, Sara, as well as Darlene (and William). This Rural Routes was supported by the Hamilton Community Foundation - thank you to them!

Our next public Rural Routes is heading to Simpler Thyme Organic Farm, near Dundas. Rain or Shine (fingers crossed we have shine!) with farmers, Ann and Charles, leading us - it is sure to be a great tour!

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